Carol Davies – Interview with Muriel Donnelly

Carol Davies was interviewed on video in April 2017 by dynamic radio host Muriel Donnelly of Empire Radio Network in New York City. Carol discussed the aims and programs offered by Passion Motivator Coaching. She explains how you can be a change-maker in our complicated world, while bringing out the best of yourself.

Carol Davies will help you unlock the secret to limitless confidence inside you and create the career, relationships, dreams, and impact on the world you want. Carol outlines easy techniques to find your true purpose and passion in life, reduce stress as well as how to manage your life joyously and successfully.

Success Program Inspiring Reinvention & Love

In this video Carol Davies, the Passion Motivator, talks about how she always felt different even as a child. Many women and men feel this way. Listen as Carol describes the uniqueness of being an identical twin. She has developed a wonderful self-love coaching program, the SPIRAL program, which stands for Success program, inspiring reinvention, and love of self. Carol describes how she was  able to change her negative self through self-love.

Marketer on the Move [Interview with Peter Beckenham]

Peter Beckenham, the renowned Village Marketer coach based in Thailand, interviews Carol Davies about her coaching business Passion Motivator Coaching. Carol’s passion is to show women entrepreneurs how to be the best they can be, create extraordinary transformations in their personal and professional lives so they can reach their true potential. Listen to Carol’s descriptions of her various programs and how she may be able to assist you.

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