Package 3:
Achieve Success – Live Your Dreams



Life Coaching For Business Leaders

Experience greater success in life and business. Today live start living in harmony, filled with the joy of being alive. Utilize a Guided Meditation for Life Balance. Find and use your resources for a better future. Set your goals and follow thru. Smile and believe! Be happy and live your dreams.

This package includes:
– Find Your Passion questionnaire and written interpretation
– Determining your top 5 strengths questionnaire and written interpretation
– Goals planning for 6 months based on Find your Passion questionnaire and Strengths Questionnaire
– Out-of-the-box brainstorming for personal life success plan
– 1 EFT session by telephone/Skype
– Follow up EFT sessions
– 4 weekly telephone/Skype calls per month + audio recording of sessions
– Unlimited email coaching
– To find out which package is right for you Book your Complimentary Find Your Passion Session Now!


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Achieve Success – Live Your Dreams”