Package 2:
Get Focused – Live A Life You Love



Awaken to what is possible for You!! Find out about who you truly are, what you are in fact capable of and what path to life success you really want to be on. Life Coaching for Business Leaders allows you to experience greater success in life and business with Guided Meditation For Life Balance. You will find out your top goals and have a plan to follow. Set your goals and follow through. Be happy and live a life you love.

This package includes:
– Find Your Passion questionnaire and interpretation
– Determining your top 5 strengths
– Goals planning for 6 months based on Find your Passion questionnaire and Strengths Questionnaire
– 2 live telephone/Skype calls per month + audio recording of the sessions
– 1 EFT session by telephone/Skype
– Weekly email coaching


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Get Focused – Live A Life You Love”