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Here are the recent podcasts presented by Carol Davies, the Passion Motivator. There is a selection from her popular podcast “Only the Best for You”.  Also, check frequently to see the newest podcast interviews on a range of personal development topics, such as self-love, mindset, stress management, finding your purpose, etc. 

Radio Interviews

Here is a selection of weekly in-depth radio interviews where Carol Davies, the Passion Motivator, was interviewed on Empire Business Radio Network in New York City. She spoke about her business Passion Motivator Coaching, and how she coaches small businesswomen entrepreneurs on success, motivation, mindset, etc.


Watch a vibrant series of videos done by Carol Davies, the Passion Motivator. She talks about why she got started in coaching after 22 years working as a middle manager in the United Nations. The videos give insights into dealing with change, self care and self-love practices, entrepreneurship, finding your passion, etc.

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