Build Positive Habits in Three Easy Steps

When you establish good habits in your life, you can have the life of your dreams. You can have your ideal career; attract the friends and relationships you want and experience wonderful wellbeing. If your life is out of balance now, just visualize how you really want to live. Consistent habits will put you on a good path to achieve your best life.

A strong motivation to change your life can be the starting point to install effective habits effortlessly. When you are in alignment with the changes, you are happy and inspired to make them a success.

Positive habits become part of your daily life.  Sadly, you may have had nobody in your early life to teach you a consistent method on how to make good habits. Here are three easy ideas to help you.


Follow these suggestions to make habits that last.

  1. Identify the habit you wish to make. Be truly clear about what you wish to achieve. For example, people often decide they wish to eat healthily. This is too vague. A better way to state this idea is to have a specific goal or target. For example, you can decide to eat two cups of raw or cooked vegetables at lunch each day.  Now you have a definite goal and can track this new behavior in a food diary/journal.
  2. Be clear on the habit you need to make, regardless of whether it's walking 30 minutes every day or meditating for 10 minutes in the morning before getting up. It ought to be evident to you before the day's over whether you've done it or not.
  3. List the advantages of that habit. Why would you like to make this new behavior? What benefits are you receiving in return? Persuade yourself that this merits your time and exertion. Feel motivated and inspired to do this new habit regularly.
  4. Habits can be trying to make, so know the positive upsides of your new behavior. It will encourage you to stick to doing the new habit even when you don't feel like doing it.
  5. Determine the best time to start doing your new habit. Choose the same time each day if it’s to be a daily habit. Does it bode well to do your new routine in the first part of the day? Around evening time? During your mid-day break? On the off chance that you wear a suit or a dress to work, performing 100 squats at the workplace may be badly designed. Pick a convenient time of day. Make it something you want to do.

Make it simple to practice the new routine. In case you will go running each morning, have your running garments and other apparatus directly by your bed. Set yourself up for success.  Start little and develop from that point. Be consistent and start seeing success.

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