About Carol Davies

She Is Well-Known For Her Masterful Approaches To Resistance And Change.

She has many proven formulas to ensure success at each and every level of life’s experience using a combination of:

  • Coaching with a holistic approach
  • Mindfulness an easy and popular technique
  • Meditation which helps you get focused and find balance
  • Positive self-talk and affirmations
  • Guided Visualizations or Imageries easily help you through unfamiliar experiences or desired changes.
  • EFT Practitioner/ Tapping Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in which she is adept
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which is one of her specialties
  • Gentle Relaxation techniques from Carol as a Reiki Master Healer

A Little Of Her Story

Her clients immediately feel comfortable with her due to her wide range of experience working with people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and goals. Working abroad for more than 20 years she understands the subtle ins and outs of large international organizations and cultural diversities.

Her clients really appreciate that she takes the person as a whole rather than focusing just on isolated goals and behaviors. Her results are astonishing as proven by her clients who month after month.

To help her clients achieve their best results, she breaks down the solution into manageable pieces for her clients to achieve success. This ensures an emotional and work/life balance and her clients learn to handle their challenges in a successful, habit producing method.

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