About Me

Carol Davies is well known for her masterful approaches to resistance and change. She has many proven formulas to ensure success at each and every level of life’s experience using a combination of:

  • Coaching with a holistic approach- Mindfulness an easy and popular technique
  • Meditation which helps you get focused and find balance
  • Positive self-talk and affirmations
  • Guided Visualizations or Imageries easily help you through unfamiliar experiences or desired changes.
  • EFT Practitioner/ Tapping Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in which she is adept
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which is one of her specialties
  • Gentle Relaxation techniques from Carol as a Reiki Master Healer

My Values & Beliefs

"Values aren’t selected, they’re discovered"

According to Scott Jeffrey, “Values aren’t selected; they’re discovered. We don’t choose our values. Our values reveal themselves to us.” It is important to value ourselves and know what our personal core values are. It took me awhile to determine my top 6 core values as shown below.

These core values express who I am and what is important to me. Values act like a compass, helping us to make sense of the world and guiding us to explore forward. Getting truly clear on values is one of the initial steps I help clients get unstuck and excited to move forward to redesign their lives.

My Story

Carol Davies is a success strategist coach at Passion Motivator Coaching. She helps busy, stressed entrepreneurs discover where they really want to be in life, then find out what excites and motivates them to change and grow with her notable SPIRAL (Success Program Investing in Revitalized Achievement in your Life) program. Among other techniques, Carol uses a mixture of holistic modalities such as life coaching, NLP, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping, The Balance Procedure, crystals, and Reiki with her clients.

If your mindset isn’t right your life doesn’t work. You need to find your passion, Carol believes. Carol’s favorite mottos are “Just DO it!” and “Live your best life now!”

In 2007 Carol returned to Canada after a successful 22 year career with the United Nations in New York and Geneva. She founded her own coaching business to help clients needing help in life/career transitions, finding their true life purpose and stress-management.

She’s a writer, life-long student, cat-lover and based in Ontario, Canada. The things she loves most in life are her dear twin sister, travelling, volunteering, and her enigmatic tortie cat Zoe. She has been a professional coach for more than 10 years, and really loves it.

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