Love yourself

A powerful and healthy self-love is one of the main building blocks of a joyful and healthy you. With your robust self-love you can have the confidence to do well in the world, and the self-esteem to make good decisions. Having a negative viewpoint comes from not being completely positive about yourself.   To locate the positive self-love in your life, start with what’s stunning about yourself. Practice day by day affirmations so you can remind yourself how wonderful you are. 

Start a daily self-love routine and stick to it. This causes you to deal easily with whatever unsettling circumstances popping up.

Here are 3 tips on how to develop your self-love:

Identify What Makes YOU Feel Great

Make a List

  • Compile a list of pros and cons of what you do and don’t care for about yourself. Be explicit and oppose the tendency to simply compose things like “I loathe my body”. Pick out definite things you do like about yourself. Look at this list objectively. When you are quite certain about things you DO like, you may find that you have less to dislike than you might suspect.

Practice Self-Care

Have great care for yourself

  • Exercise, eat right and get a lot of rest. These things are essential to ensure a healthy mind, body and soul to support you in your daily life. Getting enough rest for your own wellbeing will guarantee your personal best, physical welfare and psychological wellness. While you rest, your body is repairing itself on the physical and cellular level. It keeps up your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Give yourself lots of positive self-talk. Always treat yourself well – Silence that inner critic.
  • Have a good time every once in a while, or treat yourself to something special. Do simple things like indulging yourself with a good book or doing a home spa treatment. Such activities can do wonders for your self-esteem!

Set Realistic Goals to Achieve What You Want

 Set personal goals for yourself.

  • They give you something to anticipate and achieve. Resist the urge to make unrealistic goals. Plan small, realistic goals that you will always have something to look forward to. Set up a reward system as well when you accomplish a goal.

Goals should be: S M A R T

S – specific so you know what you will do and how

M – measurable with specific criteria to measure obtaining the goal

A – attainable and able to achieve

R – reasonable and within your capabilities

T – timely with specific starting and target (end) dates



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